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Five Star Review – Very Knowledgeable

Joe is an excellent attorney. He has worked on several types of legal issues. I was very pleased with the outcome. I would highly recommend him and will be keeping him on retainer.

– Marsha Pike

Five Star Review

I have worked with Joe for many years now and what was a scarey journey, has now become much less frightening knowing I have Joe on my side. His counsel has always been knowledgeable, fair and reasonable. With multiple complex family circumstances I originally retained an attorney (name not mentioned) that was not available to take a call and when he did charged me a 2 hour minimum. I ended up having to handle an important task myself that the attorney should have handled. That’s when I was referred by a family friend to Joe Somma and his team. It truly made all the difference in the world and I knew I was dealing with a person who was compassionate and sympathetic to my circumstance. Joe gave me the right advice and got everything on track but most importantly continued the relationship over the years. The right attorney can make or break you and Joe was and is the “right” attorney.

Review for Joseph C. Somma

Mr. Somma has handled both Business and Personal Cases for myself, my family and my businesses. Always with the utmost of professionalism. All the cases were complex and lengthy and we achieved the end result we wished. I have referred him to all my friends and business associates. This young man knows the law and is loyal to his clients and looks out for their well being. Highly, highly recommend.

– Constance Longworth

Five Star Review

Joe Somma did an excellent job with a case that I was the defendant in. My case needed legal counsel due to false allegations that was maliciously done due to breaking up with an ex gf. and went no contact with her. A week later she went to see a clerk and filed a petition for abuse order. I couldn’t believe it happened to me and why after being nice to someone during the splitting up phase and helped them move as well as being a friend that someone could, threaten to ruin my life for doing nothing. I read the laws over and over till no matter what even being innocent you could risk defending yourself, or have a 50%chance of winning or losing. The stress was immense and till the point that I decided regardless of the fact i am innocent I didn’t have faith in the situation because I am a guy and have a professional job everything was on the line. I said to myself the law is being abused and allowing false allegations that will require a highly skilled attorney that I can trust and take the stress and time away from me so I can focus on work and life. I contacted Joe on a weekend and he consulted with me and i hired him. Joe told me not to worry, i said thank you and i let him take care of everything. The day of the hearing he was there very early before me, he greeted me and said dont worry , the petition went to trail and he then said again do not worry. The trail ended with victory in my favor because he was able to prove that every false allegation was false. I highly recommend Joe Somma for legal representation.

– Mark

Five Stars – Best Lawyer in Birmingham

My husband and I retained this brilliant attorney after 5 lawyers that could not get the job done. His divorce decree was a total mess full of holes like Swiss cheese. We could not get the money divided and because his original lawyer made such a mess of it. It became a nightmare. Mr. Somma handled it quickly, effortlessly and we are so happy this is over. Should not be that hard to give your ex money! Crazy in Alabama with direct business. He also helped us with some issues relative to his son, my stepson. Remarkable attorney that gets the job done! I highly recommend him at your first choice! My son is a lawyer with high integrity and character in Oregon, he had big shoes to fill and did a perfect job. Thank you so much!!

– Sandra

Five Stars – Solid Performance

Joseph represented me and my brother in our Father’s Estate procedures. It was an involved Estate case with real estate dealings , banking , family differences , etc. It took 2 years to close out the Estate. Joseph never wavered from the task at hand and moved the process along with great professionalism and dedication. He stuck to his fee schedule and always had a great attitude regardless of the difficulties involved. He is a great choice in legal representation and has my loyal following now and for any future legal needs.

– Tony

Five Stars – Excellent

Joe Somma is a very caring, knowledgeable and professional lawyer. He helped my husband and I with a custody issue with our granddaughter. He was always up front and explained everything in detail to us. Joe really cared about our situation and went out of his way for us. We our so thankful that God placed such an amazing man in our path. I would highly recommend Joe for any legal needs you may have come up.

– Shelly

Five Stars – Excellent

Joe Somma is an excellent attorney and a class act. The world would be a better place if all attorneys and service providers were as conscientious and professional as Joe. Somma represented me after I purchased a foreclosed house that I planned to make my home. After closing, the former owner was a squatter and would not vacate the home. I was fortunate to meet with Joe after asking an attorney friend to recommend an attorney with experience in real estate/property. He said Joe would be his first choice as he had recently impressed him in another property matter. When I met with Joe, he was very knowledgeable about the legal process and realistic about what to expect. All of his communications and filings were prompt and reflected the work of an experienced professional. Joe was dedicated to my legal problem as if it were his own home he was trying to possess. I have worked with many attorneys in my professional life. I realize how fortunate I am to have happened upon Joe. I would call him again next time I need assistance with a legal issue.

– Dorothy

Five Stars – Great Experience

Joe is a great lawyer. He is courteous and actually cares about your situation. He was not the cheapest lawyer I have ever used, but I was not looking for cheap…I was looking for knowledgeable and effective. I am commenting here not just because his competition or someone with a personal axe to grind has obviously gotten ugly with the anonymous review but also because I recommend him wholeheartedly. My divorce from my wife of 23 years was not a simple matter, this was not my first rodeo either hiring an attorney to represent me. I was referred to Joe by a friend who had used him for her divorce a few years back. Joe was kind and compassionate but also a real bull dog fighter when the time came and that was needed. Trust me on this – give Joe a call and talk to him – you’ll understand why I chose to work with him and why I am very happy that I did. Joe Somma is an excellent lawyer!

– James


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